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 Richie Ramos -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
>While I am not as direct in my criticism as garrick, the fact is that they
>are using wrong standards...methinks they are comparing what is meant to a
>tv series to their movie classics. If they do that, anime will never win,
>simply because they have more money to spare to make good on the movies.
>And even then, I find that some of their movies have anime leanings, like
>Titans AE, or Kimba the White Lion, errr, The Lion King. I dunno. As for
>their technical comments...well, they miss teh stylistic point. for
>characterization...I dunno, i find that quite a lot of anime have deep
>chartacterization. not just ing ugnam but in a lot of it...Cowboy Bebop
>basically rocked in this category...

I say lets look at it at the story. I enjoy all sorts of stuff and truthfully, I've come to look at anime as no different from a good movie or a book. American animation on the other hand, well, its just aimed at kids, period. At the end of the day, its the story that makes it all worthwhile, and while Americans claim superior animation techniques(they claim, but I severely disagree on this), I still say the Anime TV series are superior by far precisely because of the story and characterization. Heck, I've gone through childhood and all and I don't even watch Disney Movies! (Musicals make me sick you see) Not that its a bad thing, but as Richie said, its not a basis of comparison.

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