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I wonder how these people wuld react to some of the weirder anime around.
Yeah, give them something from Gainax like Kare-Kano (nope not EVA). Or
from the opposite end, let them sit through the whole of Grave of the
Fireflies, i still cry whenver I watch that film.

>> Hmm... no expressions? What kind of expressions dot hey want? >Those
>> eye-popping scenes so familiar with Warner Bros?! I beg to >differ, I
>> Gundam is a perfect example of good animation. But I can't >blame this
>> "Female Canadian Critic" I mean, its probably because they've >never seen
>> animation that is not centered exclusively for children. >Let's face it,
>> western world views animation as "cartoons", kids' stuff and >should not

>Kinda sounds like my mom as she doesn't understand why at 22 >years of age
>still like cartoons. Well for one they're good and sometimes >funny like
>Gundam and Sailor Moon.

>Char "The Red Comet" Aznable

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