Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 16:52:11 -0800

>what! You gotta be kidding!
>I ordered a Gundam weapon Mook, 2 catalogs, some modeling supplies (no more
>than 100 grams total), and 5 SD kits from HLJ. The total weight of the
>package is no more than 1.5 kg and the dimension of the goods is way smaller
>than the requirement of the small-packet shipment. They put the items in a
>big box with a lot of empty spaces and charged me Parcel shipping rate. I
>end up paying $35 for shipping to NY!

I don't know about the exclusive contract HLJ signed with UPS, but
generally air parcel are charged by package dimension as opposed to
weight, obviously due to the limited dimensions available in a plane's
cargo area. This makes ordering big items from oversea a very unattractive
proposition, since most kits cost more to send when measured by dimension
rather than its actual weight.

I don't know why HLJ uses a larger-than-necessary box for your order, but
the size of the box could explain the reason why shipping cost $35.

>I swear I will never buy from HLJ again unless I really want some
>hard-to-find and authentic resin kits.

There was this 17,800 yen resin kit they listed in their online catalog
I've been meaning to get for years, just won it on eBay for 72 bucks.
Way stoked...


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