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>--- oom9@crosswinds.net wrote:
>> As for the animation -- the way things actually MOVE
>> on the screen, which is
>> what this whole debate is actually about -- the
>> animation continues to leave
>> me cold. Characters are generally motionless except
>> when speaking, and even
>> then, only their lips move. There is very little in
>> the way of shadows or muscle
>> movement. Characters don't blink very much.-Movie
>> critic
Hmm.. continue...
>> Yawn, I dont think this is animation. This is just
>> graphics that just move.
>> There is no acting..no principles of animation.Go
>> study some real animation.
>> like old Disney. Warner Bros.. Get an education!!!!!
>> This Gundam is not animation.NO
>> WEIGHT!!!!(Note:Gee, could
>> it be because they're in Zero G?)-Female Canadian
>> animator.
Hmm... no expressions? What kind of expressions dot hey want? Those eye-popping scenes so familiar with Warner Bros?! I beg to differ, I think Gundam is a perfect example of good animation. But I can't blame this "Female Canadian Critic" I mean, its probably because they've never seen animation that is not centered exclusively for children. Let's face it, the western world views animation as "cartoons", kids' stuff and should not be taken seriously. They wouldn't understand the depth of Gundam...
>> There tends to be a lot of emphasis on action,
>> rather than characterization.

Another dumb remark. Anime, most especially Gundam does put a premium on characters. How many episodes have these idiots seen anyway? No characterization? It takes a whole series for a character to develop. In most "cartoons" they dont change at all.

>> The characters move, but they do not possess that
>> "illusion of life" that Frank
>> and Ollie talk about in regard to Disney-style
>> animation. I'm just not a fan
>> of battling robots and things that explode. In
>> short, it is not my cup of tea.

Illusion of Life. So that's what they call those overexaggerated movements like turning your head while blinking your eyes around what... 5 times in a second... Illusion of Life HA!
>> The big problem is that it is definitely having an
>> influence on today's North
>> American animation.

The North American Animators can stick it where the sun don't shine.

 The young fledgling animators
>> coming out of the various
>> animation schools are so easily impressed with this
>> lifeless crud, that its
>> design influence is showing in much of the TV
>> animation here. Dull, lifeless
>> excuses for characters. I've said it before and I'll
>> say it again, but only
>> the pure cartoon sensibilities of John Kricfalusi
>> and a mere handful of others
>> have created a few gems along the way. The art of
>> cartooning is dying out fast,
>> due in large part to the Japanese influence. Sorry,
>> but that makes me angry
>> as hell, and I don't care how many noses I put out
>> of joint with these comments.
>> The industry needs a good shakeup.-Male animator.

Well YOU make me angry as hell. Lifeless crud he says... Japanese animation is not for everybody. If American animators are being influenced by them, then there's only one thing I can say, maybe its because they're sick and tired with all of your "conventional styles". They're the animators and this guy's just a critic. I think animators like all artists, know whats good for them and their craft. the mere fact that this idiot thinks that its "gaining influence' means that these animators are seeing the beauty of Anime, something they haven't seen in their craft before. If critics see it as a stagnation, then, thats their problem. I still say this guy's an idiot...

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