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 After hearing about HLJ, I plan to get my brother something there for his birthday. My brother is 13 years old and likes Gundam Zero models. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should get him? [I don't really know about the Gundam Zero series.] I have about seventy five dollars to spend on him so... please give me some suggestions under that price!
Thanks for the help.
  Edward Ju <> wrote:
>Last night I ordered a MG GM and a Zaku II 08th MS Team Version from HLJ, I
>live in San Diego, California; How much do ya it'll cost to ship here?

They only ship via UPS for orders delivered to the U.S., you cannot request
any other means of shipping - they won't honor it.

Shipping usually comes out to be slightly less than half of the cost of
your order, but depends on what you order. If you order books, magazines or
supplies, you can end up paying more on shipping than the cost of items
ordered. Not really that great of a deal. If you've been supporting your
local store, then they should be more willing to give you a better deal than
HLJ and get you stuff they don't usually carry in the store.

If you don't have any good local stores, and must order from Japan directly,
check these guys out:

>Organization RAINBOW TEN Limited,Co.

Rainbow Ten, which is also based in Japan, offers more flexibility. After
you have placed your order and indicated your preferred shipping method
(they offer everything from Air Express for those that must have it now to
the more economical means of SAL, including UPS as well), they e-mail you
a quote on the shipping cost so you can decide whether to change the
shipping method for your order. This is really cool, because depending on
the size of your box, sometimes it's cheaper to send one way than the other,
and they do go that extra mile for their customers. They are also very
quick with customer e-mail inquiries, you usually get a response within
2 days.


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