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Mon, 19 Mar 2001 15:53:42 -0800

>In a message dated 3/18/01 8:48:35 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>DuckFlesh@aol.com writes:
>Aol is easy to hack.
>Well, AOL is all I have, and I can read e-mail, use search engines, send
>IMs, go to sites, and work on <http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/zeonbase>my
>site with it. What else is there to do
>that? Nd if AOL went out, so would AIM. Remember that!

I dunno what AOL's been telling you, but you can do all that with any ISP.
Just about every major ISP and Internet portal offers their own version of
Instant Messenger now. BTW AOL has one of the worst WWW browser interface
ever. By the time we surf through 5 sites, you're probably still loading
the second one, thanks to their clumsy interface.

This is a company that keeps 2400 baud POPs around when every other for-fee
ISP was phasing out anything that is slower than 56K. AOL knows people
are so deadly afraid of changes to the point where they aren't willing to
explore any alternatives to what they are already familiar with, and that's
been their marketing strategy, which has served them well over the years.


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