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Does R10 also help out with parts ordering? If they do, I'm sold!
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> >Last night I ordered a MG GM and a Zaku II 08th MS Team Version from HLJ,
> >live in San Diego, California; How much do ya it'll cost to ship here?
> They only ship via UPS for orders delivered to the U.S., you cannot
> any other means of shipping - they won't honor it.
> Shipping usually comes out to be slightly less than half of the cost of
> your order, but depends on what you order. If you order books, magazines
> supplies, you can end up paying more on shipping than the cost of items
> ordered. Not really that great of a deal. If you've been supporting your
> local store, then they should be more willing to give you a better deal
> HLJ and get you stuff they don't usually carry in the store.
> If you don't have any good local stores, and must order from Japan
> check these guys out:
> >---------------------------------------------
> >Organization RAINBOW TEN Limited,Co.
> >Order:
> >Question,Inquiury:
> >
> Rainbow Ten, which is also based in Japan, offers more flexibility. After
> you have placed your order and indicated your preferred shipping method
> (they offer everything from Air Express for those that must have it now to
> the more economical means of SAL, including UPS as well), they e-mail you
> a quote on the shipping cost so you can decide whether to change the
> shipping method for your order. This is really cool, because depending on
> the size of your box, sometimes it's cheaper to send one way than the
> and they do go that extra mile for their customers. They are also very
> quick with customer e-mail inquiries, you usually get a response within
> 2 days.
> Eddie
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