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Subject: [gundam] OLD GML'ers, HELP !! I cant find a site!

Hey all,
        About 2 years ago, there was a link to a site posted on the GML. It
was a fan site, and the Guy had created his own alternate reality storyline
for gundam, using many of the names of characters from UC. It was pretty
well thought out and the site looked pretty nice. The thing that made it
stand out in my mind, was the scores of custom Gundam Mobile suits that he
(or someone else) had designed. He had a section with about 30-50 mobile
suits listed for his alternate reality and about half had great images of
his new "custom" designs. Other than this , I remember that the background
was black and the mech designs were on top of a blue or green grid. Anyone
remember what the link to this site was. (yes I realize that that's not a
lot of info, but hopefully it made an impression on someone else out there.)
Thanks in advance.
Will Horner

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