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William_Horner@Dell.com wrote:
> Hey all,
> About 2 years ago, there was a link to a site posted on the GML. It
> was a fan site, and the Guy had created his own alternate reality storyline
> for gundam, using many of the names of characters from UC. It was pretty
> well thought out and the site looked pretty nice. The thing that made it
> stand out in my mind, was the scores of custom Gundam Mobile suits that he
> (or someone else) had designed. He had a section with about 30-50 mobile
> suits listed for his alternate reality and about half had great images of
> his new "custom" designs. Other than this , I remember that the background
> was black and the mech designs were on top of a blue or green grid. Anyone
> remember what the link to this site was. (yes I realize that that's not a
> lot of info, but hopefully it made an impression on someone else out there.)
> Thanks in advance.
> Will Horner

you mean this?



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