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 I'm not saying just Gundam specifically. Because so many animes are drawn from mangas, the stories are long and it's mostly the plots that count. It's *not* just Gundam... it goes for other animes as well. wrote:
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Dragonball animation is pretty good to me...

I agree with you Garrick. The american animation and the japanese animation
are totally different. Different style of art, different style of
stories...etc. The american animation is on a basis with music and movement
of the characters that intrigues us so much. We never know what's going to
happen and there's always excitment. But with japanese animation... it's
intricate in its own way. Take Gundam for example. It is the story that's
so important in these animations. The story is like an odysse, there's so
much in the detail of the story, that it's hard to animate
every_single_detail in it. Think about it: Wouldn't it look stupid if we've
got characters in there that has to blink or do something every two
seconds? If the characters are in continuous movement, the story would
loose meaning [e.g. the viewers won't pay any attention to the plot, just
to look at the characters move] and the animation would turn out to be a
piece of crap with just random people moving around. Those 'critics' have
to realize that this is a *new* and different way of animation. If they
don't like it, they can just retreat to their Disney cave of the old and
sulk all they want.
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