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> To be honest, to compare Gundam to a Disney standard
> of animation (sorry
> Garrick - but if you've not seen Tarzan yet, you've
> been proven wrong) is a
> bit unfair.

huh? exactly how have i been proven wrong?

you're talking about the recently released disney
tarzan, just one or two years ago, right?

sorry, i think i've been proven right. to hear those
egghead critics bash anime for its lack of knowledge
on muscles and weight is utter crap. disney drew
tarzan physique with as much exaggerated and CARTOONY
(mis)proportion of the human anatomy as anime does.

a crystal clear case of the pot calling the kettle

as far as weight is concerned, i've seen better
representations of weight in the old 80's NON-DISNEY
cartoons than disney movies (albeit some of them are
rotoscope animation...which purist animators probably
disdain...but it's not like i give a rat's patoot).
disney movies, as a matter of fact, have movements
that are far too slick and featherweight to give us
this oh-so-great "illusion of life" than those windbag
anime-hating critics brag about.

>The animators don't realize this, they
> don't have enough insight
> to infer it. And even if they know how to present an
> image to an audience,
> they can't present an idea if they don't know how a
> common person looks at
> stuff and how a body of work is placed in the scheme
> of things. Imagine if a
> pro critic who only knows action films gets
> presented a French film based on
> the slow life of the countryside. Even if his ideas
> are a bit skewed because
> of his limited point of view, a pro critic is
> obliged to research a bit on
> his subject - discovering other films - before he
> can make a very studied
> opinion worth his time. :)
> Everybody can be a critic, yes. But presenting the
> idea as to why something
> stinks, can be a little tricky. :P

i quite frankly cannot believe you're defending these
critics, fed. their airheaded comments are about as
indefensible as it gets. this is not a bias on my
part as an anime fan.

please explain to us exactly how comments like the
following quotes are a matter of communication

"Yawn, I dont think this is animation. Go study some
real animation. like old Disney. Warner Bros.. Get an

"The young fledgling animators coming out of the
various animation schools are so easily impressed with
this lifeless crud, that its design influence is
showing in much of the TV animation here. Dull,
lifeless excuses for characters. I've said it before
and I'll say it again, but only the pure cartoon
sensibilities of John Kricfalusi and a mere handful of
others have created a few gems along the way. The art
of cartooning is dying out fast, due in large part to
the Japanese influence. Sorry, but that makes me
angry as hell, and I don't care how many noses I put
out of joint with these comments. The industry needs a
good shakeup"

please explain how condescending expressions like
"yawn", "get an education", "lifeless crud", "i don't
care how many noses i put out of joint with these
comments" are indicative of intelligent thought and
objective criticism?

the answer is plain and simple -- these animators
obviously hate anime with a passion and try to pass
off their bias as the *cough* informed *hack* opinions
of people "knowledgeable about the industry". it's
crap, through and through.

but how about a new twist? instead of comparing
disney and warner brothers feature films to tv anime
...let's try comparing american tv animation standards
of "cow & chicken", "ed, edd, and eddie", "i am
weasel", "south park", "simpsons", "powerpuff girls",
"dexter's lab", "rugrats" and whatever the heck is
shown on nickelodeon (yuk) to the standards of macross
plus, CCA, dyrl, akira and ghost in the shell.


ps. i don't mean to bash the cartoons i
cited...dexter's lab is one of my favorites, and i
have an odd appreciation for south park. (the rest
can rot though...)

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