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Imagine if Gundam were animated like Tarzan... that would be pretty scarey to
me... I think Disney puts a little too much movement in their characters and
the movements start to seem a little queer. I remember Disney saying they
tried to draw Tarzan with a more anime style, when I saw the movie, I forgot
that they had even said that because everything looked too... BLAH ... ya

> To be honest, to compare Gundam to a Disney standard of animation (sorry
> Garrick - but if you've not seen Tarzan yet, you've been proven wrong) is a
> bit unfair. The animators don't realize this, they don't have enough insight
> to infer it. And even if they know how to present an image to an audience,
> they can't present an idea if they don't know how a common person looks at
> stuff and how a body of work is placed in the scheme of things. Imagine if a
> pro critic who only knows action films gets presented a French film based on
> the slow life of the countryside. Even if his ideas are a bit skewed because
> of his limited point of view, a pro critic is obliged to research a bit on
> his subject - discovering other films - before he can make a very studied

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