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Dragonball animation is pretty good to me...

> I agree with you Garrick. The american animation and the japanese animation
> are totally different. Different style of art, different style of
> stories...etc. The american animation is on a basis with music and movement
> of the characters that intrigues us so much. We never know what's going to
> happen and there's always excitment. But with japanese animation... it's
> intricate in its own way. Take Gundam for example. It is the story that's
> so important in these animations. The story is like an odysse, there's so
> much in the detail of the story, that it's hard to animate
> every_single_detail in it. Think about it: Wouldn't it look stupid if we've
> got characters in there that has to blink or do something every two
> seconds? If the characters are in continuous movement, the story would
> loose meaning [e.g. the viewers won't pay any attention to the plot, just
> to look at the characters move] and the animation would turn out to be a
> piece of crap with just random people moving around. Those 'critics' have
> to realize that this is a *new* and different way of animation. If they
> don't like it, they can just retreat to their Disney cave of the old and
> sulk all they want.
> >_<;; Sorry if I ranted on... gomen, gomen!
> ~Aoi-chan

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