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Sun, 18 Mar 2001 22:24:37 -0500

> Would a Gasaraki weigh in as a 1/144 or a 1/100? From what I know, they
> 1/100-sized boxes and over 300 parts...

WHAT, I've seen the Gasaraki boxes, they're 1/35 kits, and as big
as 1/144 HGUC boxes... 300 parts? I somehow don't believe it, as
a PG has only 600 parts. The Gasaraki kits end up being about the
same size as a 1/144 kit. Unless there is some new kit I don't know

I order darn near everything from HLJ, my Sazabi I bought at a con,
but all my other MG, and Five Star Stories kits, and books, and now
Swords and Japanese Castles are coming from HLJ...

They are working on their website and order system right now to
improve things, so right this week may not be the best time to order
from them. I ordered a repreduction Castle and Sword from them
2 weeks ago, and usually it'd be here right now, but I haven't gotten
a UPS shipping number, or anything since the order confirmation,
there are two things that may explain this, them working on the site
or the items being damn hard to find... My MG kits are usually less
than 2 weeks, and even funnier because of the way they bulk ship
to the US, I usually only get the UPS tracking number to work the
day before it arrives at my office. Before that it will be waiting on
their dock getting to be part of a big enough order for UPS to get
it, and then when the tracking number goes through a few days after
the box will be one of 200 pieces in an shipment, then from Chicago
or someplace it will show up overnight. 2 1/100 kits usually less than
$15 the kits ended up being $60 and it would have cost me much
more than $75 to buy an RX-79(G) and LED Mirage kit locally.

I've also ordered GM Quell, and Zakus from them, basically all the
normal sized boxes so far, I bought my PGs, and Dom kits from a
local dealer who gets kits in from New York every 2 weeks.


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