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 I agree with you Garrick. The american animation and the japanese animation are totally different. Different style of art, different style of stories...etc. The american animation is on a basis with music and movement of the characters that intrigues us so much. We never know what's going to happen and there's always excitment. But with japanese animation... it's intricate in its own way. Take Gundam for example. It is the story that's so important in these animations. The story is like an odysse, there's so much in the detail of the story, that it's hard to animate every_single_detail in it. Think about it: Wouldn't it look stupid if we've got characters in there that has to blink or do something every two seconds? If the characters are in continuous movement, the story would loose meaning [e.g. the viewers won't pay any attention to the plot, just to look at the characters move] and the animation would turn out to be a piece of crap with just random people moving around. Those 'critics' have to realize th
at this is a *new* and different way of animation. If they don't like it, they can just retreat to their Disney cave of the old and sulk all they want.

>_<;; Sorry if I ranted on... gomen, gomen!


  garrick lee <> wrote:

let me ask just one thing to all those "critics" --
since when was american animation the de facto god
standard in animation industry?

quite frankly, i can't tell their criticisms apart
from piss poor sour graping and whining.

they speak of weight and movement and illusion of
life, shadows and muscle...but disney and warner
brothers animation never had those. they don't even
draw muscles for crying out loud. i doubt those
animators even know the human anatomy. as usual,
these critics have their heads up their asses.
typical case of a professional thinking too highly of

people telling me that disney animation knows weight,
movement, shadow and muscle. next thing you know,
people will tell me that pigs fly.


--- wrote:

> Three critics-one movie critic and two
> animators-were asked to look at three
> Gundam clips. The first was a scene from 0083
> episode 7 featuring a conversation
> between Kou Uraki and Keith talking about Nina(This
> is the scene in which Kou
> drops his carrots). The next two were from Endless
> Waltz-Heero starting up the
> Wing Zero and the battle between Wing Zero and
> Nataku. Here's what they thought.(Actually,
> the critic viewed Episode 48 of Gundam Wing).
> Anyway...
> I like the style particularly in "Gundam Wing." I
> find it very exciting and
> comic book-like in its appearance.
> As for the animation -- the way things actually MOVE
> on the screen, which is
> what this whole debate is actually about -- the
> animation continues to leave
> me cold. Characters are generally motionless except
> when speaking, and even
> then, only their lips move. There is very little in
> the way of shadows or muscle
> movement. Characters don't blink very much.-Movie
> critic
> Yawn, I dont think this is animation. This is just
> graphics that just move.
> There is no principles of animation.Go
> study some real animation.
> like old Disney. Warner Bros.. Get an education!!!!!
> This Gundam is not animation.NO
> WEIGHT!!!!(Note:Gee, could
> it be because they're in Zero G?)-Female Canadian
> animator.
> There tends to be a lot of emphasis on action,
> rather than characterization.
> The characters move, but they do not possess that
> "illusion of life" that Frank
> and Ollie talk about in regard to Disney-style
> animation. I'm just not a fan
> of battling robots and things that explode. In
> short, it is not my cup of tea.
> The big problem is that it is definitely having an
> influence on today's North
> American animation. The young fledgling animators
> coming out of the various
> animation schools are so easily impressed with this
> lifeless crud, that its
> design influence is showing in much of the TV
> animation here. Dull, lifeless
> excuses for characters. I've said it before and I'll
> say it again, but only
> the pure cartoon sensibilities of John Kricfalusi
> and a mere handful of others
> have created a few gems along the way. The art of
> cartooning is dying out fast,
> due in large part to the Japanese influence. Sorry,
> but that makes me angry
> as hell, and I don't care how many noses I put out
> of joint with these comments.
> The industry needs a good shakeup.-Male animator.
> All I can say is, ouch. The first guy seems okay,
> but the second seems to have
> problems with any animation outside of Disney and
> the third one is really 'on
> the borderline' so to speak.
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