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> let me ask just one thing to all those "critics" --
> since when was american animation the de facto god
> standard in animation industry?
> quite frankly, i can't tell their criticisms apart
> from piss poor sour graping and whining.
> they speak of weight and movement and illusion of
> life, shadows and muscle...but disney and warner
> brothers animation never had those. they don't even
> draw muscles for crying out loud. i doubt those
> animators even know the human anatomy. as usual,
> these critics have their heads up their asses.
> typical case of a professional thinking too highly of
> oneself.
> people telling me that disney animation knows weight,
> movement, shadow and muscle. next thing you know,
> people will tell me that pigs fly.
> -garr


While I am not as direct in my criticism as garrick, the fact is that they
are using wrong standards...methinks they are comparing what is meant to a
tv series to their movie classics. If they do that, anime will never win,
simply because they have more money to spare to make good on the movies.
And even then, I find that some of their movies have anime leanings, like
Titans AE, or Kimba the White Lion, errr, The Lion King. I dunno. As for
their technical comments...well, they miss teh stylistic point. for
characterization...I dunno, i find that quite a lot of anime have deep
chartacterization. not just ing ugnam but in a lot of it...Cowboy Bebop
basically rocked in this category...

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