Gundam EZEight (
Sun, 18 Mar 2001 17:33:44 -0800 (PST)

you didn't get the last one then...

i want to buy the GM custom from you. let's discuss
the price. if there is anyway at all it will be less
than 40 american dollars, i will buy it in a flash.
other wise we'll talk?

is there a UPS around your area? just send it via UPS
and you'll be fine... seeing how the US has relations
with the Philippines, there should be a UPS there

i have nothing i can offer for trade. and i mean
nothing. i have a total of 17 models, which is a grain
of sand on the beach compared to you guys...

and speaking of unbuilt models, i have a heavygun that
i got last march... that's march of last year, 2000,
that's still unfinished... one leg done. that's it...
but i don't think you'd want it...

ok reply soon. i'm sending this to the GML just to
make sure.
--- garrick lee <> wrote:
> oy! howdy!
> --- Gundam EZEight <> wrote:
> > how much would you offer for it? if the whole
> thing
> > plus s/h is less than 40-45 US bucks, i would be
> > more
> > than happy to take it off your hands.
> :)
> you're in luck. due to the philippine peso
> depreciating against the US dollar...the gm custom
> would come up somewhere along 36 to 40 US dollars.
> >it has been on
> > my wish list for quite a while, but now that HLJ
> is
> > no
> > longer carrying it, i have no where else to turn
> to
> > o
> > find the thing at that price range. the cheapest i
> > can
> > come up with is 60 bucks, which is a bout 2.1
> times
> > the yen price....
> >
> > if you have any other ones you don't need, like
> the
> > alex or the gundam ez-8 or the gp01, let's talk.
> >
> hmm...
> i think i'm willing to let go of my gm custom (i
> kinda
> prefer the quell). i'll hold one gm custom for you
> (i
> think matt hanyok will be getting the other one).
> what unbuilt model kits do you have? do you have a
> dom? the alex, ez8 and gp01 are available
> here...but
> i'm not exactly willing to shell out more money at
> the
> moment, so i'm willing to trade for them.
> the shipping is the trickier part. we'll have to
> discuss that. philippine post office is notoriously
> slow and sometimes unreliable.
> -garr
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