Sun, 18 Mar 2001 17:46:10 -0500

Just got this kit...must say it's very impressive. The colors are molded perfectly,
and no paint is really required, unless you want to. The skirt, instead of one
or two pieces(A la Rick Dom II) is composed of many pieces. Unfortunately, the
Monoeye's a sticker, but we've come to expect that with HGUC(Although the Dom's
descent, the Rick Dias had one). The Bazooka is real nice as well. The main
problem with the Rick Dom II was that the bazooka was real small, and the Tropen
fixes this problem. The whole construction is extremely easy, and there are
not a terrible amount of gaps. Anyway, a nice solid kit. Since Katoki designed
the original design, it doesn't venture too much from the original concept.

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