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Nope, but I'll check for a virus list

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Subject: [gundam] WAY OT: McDonalds attachment

> Sorry to bother you all with this way too OT question but here goes: has
anyone here encountered a file named "McDonald's.exe" (it has the McDonalds
logo for its icon) which at certain times displays a freaky-looking female
face (kinda like that whatshername Zerg Queen of the Blades from Starcraft)
and along with it a rather annoying scream. My sister recieved this file
from one of her friends as an e-mail attachment (and opened it without
asking me), and I was wondering if this contains a Trojan or a virus, and I
don't have an anti-virus program installed (I removed my Norton AV 2000
because I won't let the PC shut down automatically). Thanks!
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