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Sun, 18 Mar 2001 04:13:57 -0800 (PST)

--- TRAVIS COOK <> wrote:
> i agree with him, even hto im just working on my
> first master grade kit, i
> think it has plenty of detail for me, PG's are just
> wayyy too much, and to
> me they dont look as good as most say, unless you
> paint them,

have you seen a perfect grade up close?

i've seen the rx78, the zaku and the wing zero up
close and they look good without paint. except for
the seam lines you might not want to do away with
because of the internals you might want to show off.

come to think of it -- having seam lines on a perfect
grade is kind of stupid. the purpose of panel lines
is precisely to simulate the places where the armor
can be removed. perfect grades, for the eeenorrrmous
price tag, should at least have that function.

>and currently
> i SUCK at painting my models ( you aught to see my
> 1/144 deathscythe i tried
> to paint ^_^ )

practice. :)

or at least clean and prime your kits before you paint
them. that makes a great difference. i had a few
problems with the first gundam kits i tried because of
some crazy slickness to them (the old gp01 i got
must've been sitting on the shelves for years...).

>sp i just stick to making them, thats
> why i now only buy
> 1/100 scale models, becuase they look good WITHOUT
> paint, or at least the

the system injection kits also look good without

> ones i have gotten are. i just upgraded to master
> grade, and am working on
> it. as for 1/60 i havent seen them. if any of you
> know a website that tells
> about 1/60, or shows off models, please send em to
> me!

well, model kits are precisely there for you to build,
work over and paint. they're not made to look great
straight out of the box. scale modelling can be
quite a sadomasochistic hobby. master grade and
perfect grade model kits actually pamper modellers too
much. then again, nobody ever said scale modelling
was a logical hobby. :)


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