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i agree with him, even hto im just working on my first master grade kit, i
think it has plenty of detail for me, PG's are just wayyy too much, and to
me they dont look as good as most say, unless you paint them, and currently
i SUCK at painting my models ( you aught to see my 1/144 deathscythe i tried
to paint ^_^ ) sp i just stick to making them, thats why i now only buy
1/100 scale models, becuase they look good WITHOUT paint, or at least the
ones i have gotten are. i just upgraded to master grade, and am working on
it. as for 1/60 i havent seen them. if any of you know a website that tells
about 1/60, or shows off models, please send em to me!

p.s. to dave, from , i lvoe your site! it has really
helped me become a gundam modeler! thankies! ^_^
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>> ^Why is everyone thinking about PG stuff i personally dont see why
>> would spend that much money on a model , i am a madman considering the
>> amount of money i have spent on MG and HGUC kits but the sheer price of a
>> kit fends me off
>> I'd really like to see all those designs everyone wished for but i'd have
>> mine MG cos i can have decent quality at a really good price !!
>> I agree with you. 1/60 scale is too big for me. I prefer 1/144 scale,
>> like 1/100 scale. The MG's are a perfect balance between size, price and
>> features for me. Although, we didn't see MG's with internal skeletons
>> the PG's showed up, now every new release has this feature. I am glad for
>> PG's for this reason. PG tech. trickles down to MG's, at least certain
>> features do.
>> They are nice kits, but cost too much. I have the PG Gundam and like it
>> alot, but I do not feel it was worth $100 plus they go for. They are just
>> 1/60 MG's. $70 - $80 for an PG would be better.
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