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Call me blind but were is the gudam junkyard?

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At 20:00 03/16/2001 -0600, dave reimer wrote:
>Just letting y'all know beofre everyone else that I, the beloved webmaster
>the Gundam Junkyard, have added a new customized model kit to the site.
>[[MG RX-79(G) Dave Custom]] Check it out and be the first to see.

        Seen it. Neat work, but I missed most of the customization until you
pointed it out on your web page. I didn't like the cheaters, but that's
personal opinion; the cables are an interesting idea, but it might have been
better if you have gotten thicker cabling -- looks more like power cables or
some such running into the head.

        Other than that, it looks pretty stock, which means some people are
going to assume it's stock.

        One thing: I thought you stuffed a light source into the head,
thanks to the cabling. You might actually want to consider that, but there's
probably no room.

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