Zhao Pan (zhaopan@hotmail.com)
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 12:24:38 -0500

I just ordered it from HLJ last week. It should arrive by the end of next
week. I should be able to provide more information and scans by then.

>i know the latest gundam weapons is on the nu-Gundam. but wat other mecha
>does the book feature?
>know there's heavy weapons, hi and the mass production type of the

I think there are also some photos on the regZ, Geara Doga, Jagd Doga, and
Alpha Azieru.

>saw a cold climate sazabi in white on the april's hobby japan, wonder if
>it's shown in greater detail.

Can you show a scan please?
BTW, there is a Kondo version of the Sazabi features a different paint
scheme. I wonder if it will appear in the GW.

Also, do anyone have the Gouf Gundam Weapon. Please give us a review.

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