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<<I have 1/144 Zaku FZ and Jegan models in the mail from I
trying to find out the colors I need, and heres what I have:
Sea Green (jegan Sheild)
red (assorted zaku and jegan parts)
orange (jegan beam saber)
yellow (zaku grenade clips)
Grey (assorted jegan parts)
What color are the ends of those tubes on the jegans skirt armor?>>
Use a dark Grey or a black on them.
<<What colors is the zakus gun>>
Use a color called Gunship Grey.
Is the sky blue plastic of the zaku supposed to be gray?>>
Go to Newtype Asylum and look for the Jegan review(it is my review ^_^)look
at what colors I painted it. I didn't completely finish it for the photo

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