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gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>^Why is everyone thinking about PG stuff i personally dont see why =
>someone would spend that much money on a model , i am a madman =
>considering the amount of money i have spent on MG and HGUC kits but the =
>sheer price of a pg kit fends me off
>I'd really like to see all those designs everyone wished for but i'd =
>have mine MG cos i can have decent quality at a really good price !!

Welll, you'd have to be a bit of a had core fan to dish out so much money for a mod kit.
PG of course, are targeted at those who are really into model kits (though some non-kit-buyers
still get them for the sheer novelty of it --like a couple of my Sadamoto worshipping friends
who don't buy model kits but still bought the perfect grade Eva-01). I wouldn't buy a PG Votom
(if there was one, ...well, there isn't) because I don't like Votoms that much, I got the RX and the
Wing because I really like those mechs. I guess each has thier own way of appreciating different


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