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Thu, 15 Mar 2001 22:18:15 -0800

>In a message dated 3/15/01 1:34:51 PM, gundam@loop.com writes:
><<Which one? The MSV kit or the one from Gundam ZZ?
>Legends used to have the ZZ version, the MSV one is much harder to find
>these days, even on eBay.
>The one from ZZ. I think it went out of production.

Nah, they just reissued these kits a couple of years ago. I remember
because Scott at HLJ tried to get me to buy an assortment case of
these reissues. Bandai is just waiting for enough orders to pile up
for them to make another production run. If you can afford to wait,
they'll eventually get reissued again.


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