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hi, i have that too, and try building some science vessels, it makes some
dendrobium thing, they ar etotally awsome, my suggestion for a large fleet
would be about 3 full armor zz gundams, 5 dendrobiums, a dozen or so
assorted firebat/marine/medic . i havent played gundam century in a while so
please exuse my use of sc terms
 and many other names i dont remember
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>>I've just finished a really bloody Starcraft: Gundam
>>Century skirmish, and I've got a question about the UC
>>What are the formations used by the federation and the
>>Zeon armies? For Zeon/Protoss, I've been using a
>>platoon of
>>1 Kampfer
>>(Squad Commander) (Templar - no hallucination, no
>>Archon Meld)
>>5 Gelgoog Marines
>>(Support) (Dragoon)
>>2 Zaku IIs
>>(Ground Attack) (Zealot)
>>2 Rick Dom IIs
>>(Air Defense) (Corsair)
>>1 Eyezak
>>(Detector) (Observer)
>>1 Dra-C
>>(Air Attack) (Scout)
>I dunno whether you played against humans or computers,
>but usually you want a stack of them instead of few units
>from each kind. 5 dozens of dragoons can usually kick serious
>ass in Starcraft, although the tweaked balance in the Gundam
>Century conversion may throw all that out of the window. An
>Eyezak is always welcomed to detect hidden traps and units.
>You want to watch out about the Archon or Dark Archon - unless
>a patch/revision has released since I played it last time,
>they are prone to crash the game, so I avoid making them in the
>first place.
>>and for Federation/Terran:
>>1 Nu Gundam
>>(Squad Commander) (Goliath)
>>2 Guncannon 2s
>>(Heavy Support) (Firebat w/long range weapons)
>>4 GM Customs
>>(Basic Attack) (Marine)
>>1 Medd Worker
>>(Repairs) (Medic)
>>1 Ball
>>(Repairs) (SCV)
>>2 Core Boosters
>>(Air Attack) (Flying Vulture)
>>1 Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam
>>(Long Range Attack) (Valkyrie - damages land AND air
>Once again, the tweaked balance made Fed/Terran players
>unreasonably powerful. One of the cheapest strategies
>you can use in the Gundam Century conversion is to crank
>out te Core Boosters as soon as possible, and fly over
>to enemy camp and start wrecking havoc - they can fly
>so they can go anywhere in the map fast. While the
>enemy is busy fending off these rushes, you start
>cranking out GM Customs and GunCannon 2's and send them
>to enemy base with a couple of MEDD workers... get 2 or
>3 dozens of these guys and they are virtually unstoppable!
>>My other question - in the Gundam universe, would
>>these teams work?
>Work for what kind of mission?
>>(Also, if you're a Starcraft player, any suggestions?)
>For the game or the GC conversion?
>>Alex, delurking...
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