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>I've just finished a really bloody Starcraft: Gundam
>Century skirmish, and I've got a question about the UC
>What are the formations used by the federation and the
>Zeon armies? For Zeon/Protoss, I've been using a
>platoon of
>1 Kampfer
>(Squad Commander) (Templar - no hallucination, no
>Archon Meld)
>5 Gelgoog Marines
>(Support) (Dragoon)
>2 Zaku IIs
>(Ground Attack) (Zealot)
>2 Rick Dom IIs
>(Air Defense) (Corsair)
>1 Eyezak
>(Detector) (Observer)
>1 Dra-C
>(Air Attack) (Scout)

I dunno whether you played against humans or computers,
but usually you want a stack of them instead of few units
from each kind. 5 dozens of dragoons can usually kick serious
ass in Starcraft, although the tweaked balance in the Gundam
Century conversion may throw all that out of the window. An
Eyezak is always welcomed to detect hidden traps and units.
You want to watch out about the Archon or Dark Archon - unless
a patch/revision has released since I played it last time,
they are prone to crash the game, so I avoid making them in the
first place.

>and for Federation/Terran:
>1 Nu Gundam
>(Squad Commander) (Goliath)
>2 Guncannon 2s
>(Heavy Support) (Firebat w/long range weapons)
>4 GM Customs
>(Basic Attack) (Marine)
>1 Medd Worker
>(Repairs) (Medic)
>1 Ball
>(Repairs) (SCV)
>2 Core Boosters
>(Air Attack) (Flying Vulture)
>1 Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam
>(Long Range Attack) (Valkyrie - damages land AND air

Once again, the tweaked balance made Fed/Terran players
unreasonably powerful. One of the cheapest strategies
you can use in the Gundam Century conversion is to crank
out te Core Boosters as soon as possible, and fly over
to enemy camp and start wrecking havoc - they can fly
so they can go anywhere in the map fast. While the
enemy is busy fending off these rushes, you start
cranking out GM Customs and GunCannon 2's and send them
to enemy base with a couple of MEDD workers... get 2 or
3 dozens of these guys and they are virtually unstoppable!

>My other question - in the Gundam universe, would
>these teams work?

Work for what kind of mission?

>(Also, if you're a Starcraft player, any suggestions?)

For the game or the GC conversion?


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