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I've just finished a really bloody Starcraft: Gundam
Century skirmish, and I've got a question about the UC

What are the formations used by the federation and the
Zeon armies? For Zeon/Protoss, I've been using a
platoon of

1 Kampfer
(Squad Commander) (Templar - no hallucination, no
Archon Meld)

5 Gelgoog Marines
(Support) (Dragoon)

2 Zaku IIs
(Ground Attack) (Zealot)

2 Rick Dom IIs
(Air Defense) (Corsair)

1 Eyezak
(Detector) (Observer)

1 Dra-C
(Air Attack) (Scout)

and for Federation/Terran:

1 Nu Gundam
(Squad Commander) (Goliath)

2 Guncannon 2s
(Heavy Support) (Firebat w/long range weapons)

4 GM Customs
(Basic Attack) (Marine)

1 Medd Worker
(Repairs) (Medic)

1 Ball
(Repairs) (SCV)

2 Core Boosters
(Air Attack) (Flying Vulture)

1 Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam
(Long Range Attack) (Valkyrie - damages land AND air

My other question - in the Gundam universe, would
these teams work?

(Also, if you're a Starcraft player, any suggestions?)


Alex, delurking...

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