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I just got my issue (cool spread on CCA MG conversions). Then i got to the
MG Type 100. Looks like a sweet kit, till I looked closer. Look at points on
the arms, legs and backpack very, very closely. There are sprue pock marks
where the part was attached to the sprue itself. This makes me shudder. If
Bandai has a problem hiding them on a chrome plated kit then we should be in
for a real treat :(
Thankfully they are not huge marks.

SO that brings me to my next thought:

We can strip the plating (i saw a version of the HGUC one once in a cool
frost white/black/grey combo that looks great):
how would we do that in a way that doesn't risk destroying or damaging the

Or we can try to go about matching the plating the best we can (ether after
stripping the kit or trying to cover the sprue marks):

I figured undercoat of silver and coatings of clear yellow might do the

finally, what about gold metal foil (the types for model cars and stuff).
And then seal it with testors (or whatever brand you prefer).

speaking of which = what will happen if you try to seal the kit with a dull
coat (to seal the decals and reduce some of the glare)?

anyone else have any suggestions on what we might be able to do? (remember
the Type 100 is out on March 25th). Lets brainstorm some ideas while we wait
for the real MG we all want in our collections (the GPO3).

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