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^Why is everyone thinking about PG stuff i personally dont see why someone
would spend that much money on a model , i am a madman considering the
amount of money i have spent on MG and HGUC kits but the sheer price of a pg
kit fends me off
I'd really like to see all those designs everyone wished for but i'd have
mine MG cos i can have decent quality at a really good price !!

 I agree with you. 1/60 scale is too big for me. I prefer 1/144 scale, but
like 1/100 scale. The MG's are a perfect balance between size, price and
features for me. Although, we didn't see MG's with internal skeletons until
the PG's showed up, now every new release has this feature. I am glad for
PG's for this reason. PG tech. trickles down to MG's, at least certain
features do.

 They are nice kits, but cost too much. I have the PG Gundam and like it
alot, but I do not feel it was worth $100 plus they go for. They are just
1/60 MG's. $70 - $80 for an PG would be better.

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