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> Hey....
> Yuri (Dirty Pair) in Heavyarms Custom Vs. Kei (Dirty Pair) in Nu Gundam:
> Me in a Shinden TA (Gasaraki) Vs. Oh, say Camille what's-his-name in a
> (Mechwarrior): Die you Newtype freebirth <FLEEEEEEEP>!
Me in The-O ( cmon you know where that is from ) vs. any of those Wing boys
in whatever they wanna board ( maybe a pink leo or Gundam Heavy Tutu-skirts
custom ) ( as long as i may choose the background music *G* no boys no rythm
emotion for you, now die !!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Anyone from G-Gundam in their Gundams vs. Jackie chan in the Drunken Master

Mechawashuu vs. Amuro in Nu Gundam

and heres one i would really love to see
GiantHaro( 18m tall ) vs Norris Packard in his trademark Gouf Custom

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