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Wed, 14 Mar 2001 19:38:21 -0500

Edward Ju wrote:

> I don't know if they offer originals on their own website, but all the
> resin kits they've been selling on eBay were recasts, and their
> feedback history on eBay looked pretty bad until recently.
> They do, however, offer to replace small parts for free if you buy a kit
> from them.
> Eddie

I've gotten a lot of stuff from them in the past, the quality of the resin is VERY
Although you can order from their website, you CAN get the stuff cheaper on eBay,
since they started their auctions at $0.01 now. They ship via US Priority Mail with
Insurance and charge you $5.85 - not too bad. Go ahead and check their feedback,
you'll see me there every now & then.

eBay seller ID:  msvgundam

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