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> Forgive my inexperience... can someone explain to me what the "Useless
> fights" are?
Mailing lists, newsgroups, forums, etc etc are constantly bombarded with
useless "well if such and such and so and so got in a fight, who would win"
messages. Star Trek and Star Wars fans are quite notorious for this. The GML
was no exception, so I guess it sort of turned into a tradition to lump 'em
all together into one big thread every now and then.
Of course, we tend to mix things up a little ... putting people in unusual
MS's, giant robots from other series, characters from other series in Gundam
MS's, etc. Does make for some interesting (And fun!) discussion and
remarkably, I can't remember any useless fight type posts that werent' a
part of one of these larger threads in a long time.

Now, if you want to know how to participate, just decide who would win in a
given fight (take a pass if you don't know the characters or MS), and
perhaps add a few of your own.

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