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Wed, 14 Mar 01 18:08:06 -0500

>Howdy, gang!!! They are back..I know ya missed them...the Useless
>Fights!!!!!! Without furthur ado.........
> 1) Judo Asita in a Zaku FZ vs. Norris Packard in a Gelgoog Marine
> 2) Ma Kube in a Gouf Custom vs. Anavel Gato in a Dom Tropen
> 3) Yuu Kajima in a GM Space Commando vs. Shiro Amada in a GM Sniper II
> 4) Frau Bow in a GM Custom vs. Nina Purpleton in a Rick Dom II
> 5) Shin Matunaga in the G-Saviour vs. Kou Uraki in the V2 Gundam
> 6) Ranba Ral in a Jegan vs. Dozul Zabi in a Hardygun
> 7) Aguille Delaz in a Dom Funf vs. Green Wyatt in a Powered GM
> 8) Ikari Shinji in the Alex vs. Souryu Asuka Langley in the Alex
> 9) Nagare Ryoma in Shin Getter Robo vs. Ayanami Rei in Eva Unit 00
>10) Tetsuya in Great Mazinger vs. Amuro Rei in Grendizer
>Hmm...try those. More coming soon!

Forgive my inexperience... can someone explain to me what the "Useless
fights" are?

-"All your White Base are belong to us"

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