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Oh what fun =)

> Howdy, gang!!! They are back..I know ya missed them...the Useless
> Fights!!!!!! Without furthur ado.........
> 1) Judo Asita in a Zaku FZ vs. Norris Packard in a Gelgoog Marine
Hmmm. Judo was certainly a respectable pilot, but he lacks Norris'
creativity. On land, I'd probably give it to Norris, in space, he'd probably
be at a disadvantage.

> 2) Ma Kube in a Gouf Custom vs. Anavel Gato in a Dom Tropen

> 3) Yuu Kajima in a GM Space Commando vs. Shiro Amada in a GM Sniper II
I gotta go with my main man Shiro.

> 5) Shin Matunaga in the G-Saviour vs. Kou Uraki in the V2 Gundam
V2 is technically a better MS, I'd venture, but Matsunuga is more
experienced ... hmm ... my overriding dislike of Kou decides though. Shin
wins ;p

> 6) Ranba Ral in a Jegan vs. Dozul Zabi in a Hardygun
Ranba Ral, of course =)

> 7) Aguille Delaz in a Dom Funf vs. Green Wyatt in a Powered GM
Delaz. Dom funf should be a better MS. Powered GM wasn't decided for actual
combat, right? It was just a test MS...

> 8) Ikari Shinji in the Alex vs. Souryu Asuka Langley in the Alex
Asuka. Much more aggresive pilot, and that pussy Shinji has nothing
protecting him now.

> 9) Nagare Ryoma in Shin Getter Robo vs. Ayanami Rei in Eva Unit 00
Ugg. I hate Rei an awful lot ... go Shin Getter Robo!
> 10) Tetsuya in Great Mazinger vs. Amuro Rei in Grendizer
I'd have to go with Amuro ... he's such a ruthless bastard at times =P

How about a few more:
11) The Big O vs. Giant Robo
12) Gekiganger III vs. Mazinger Z
13) Amuro Rei in a LED Mirage (FSS) vs Char Aznable in a Knight of Gold
14) Noa Izumi in a Metal Fake (Gasaraki) vs (UGG ... brainfart ... can't
think ... female tank pilot of Bonaparte in DTP/NDTP) in the Shinden TA
15) Ota from Patlabor in a Zetaplus C1 vs Daigouji Gai from Nadesico in a
Zetaplus A1

> Hmm...try those. More coming soon!
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