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> There's the Aura Battler in Action already out in release. I've seen the
> Billbine already. I do hope they give both model kit and In Action figure
> treatment for other famous mecha series soon. Xabungle and the Walker
> Machine are just some. What about a good line of L-Gaim stuff? :)

Yeah, L-Gaim would be nice. I'd also like some nice MSiA style FSS mecha
from whoever has the license for FSS product. Poseable figures, not
Kayiodo's semi poseable LED Mirage, I mean. I read the first volume of the
US release of the FSS manga and so far, next to Gundam, its one of my
favorites. Too bad all that exists is resin kits and fraglie but poseable
kits. The designs deserve some nice figures.

Anyway there's lots of mecha that deserve the MSiA or better treatment. I'd
like some good Super robot MSiA's. I bought a Getter One SRiA and its pretty
cheap compared to all the MSiA's and ABiA's. Even the Rx78 is excellent
compared to the Getter One I have. I was going to get the Combattler V and
Gaiking ones, but if they are as cheap as Getter, then I'll pass and save up
for the SOC's of Com. V. and Gaiking and his Dragon 'bot.

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