Watanabe, Soimichiro (darkscythe@edsamail.com.ph)
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 01:10:45 +0900

>Well, there was the rumored Deathscythe (not sure which of the 3 versions),
>although I'd prefer to see more Zeon MS get the PG treatment. There are
>way too many Gundams as it is, and frankly it's getting really boring.
>I guess Bandai just doesn't have the guts to put out an amphibious suit
>for the PG line.

well, you now how it is, the wing series undoubtedly has a lot of fans that bandai
wishes to lure into the model kits market --which they don't have to do with us UC fans
who've been wiping stocks of thier resin kits off shelves for years. (as for the Deathscythe,
I hope its the Hell custom).

hmmm, speaking of PG's, here's some mech's I'd love to see in PG.

-GM (can't get enough gundams now can we?)
-Quebeley (i don't know why, but this mech keeps reminding me of a pokemon)
-Psycho Gundam (now this, is HUGE)
-Hajime Katoki's versions of the original wing mechs
-Psycho Haro (G-Gen F)
-any musha gundam
-God Gundam (I wanna see what them insides really look like)
-and hopefully, a 1:1 PG Haro!


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