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>I've played SRW 2, 3, EX, 4, F, F Final, Shin, and Alpha so far..
>Gaiden, and Masoukishin: Panzer Warfare if you count those too.

Try Brave Saga its also a good mecha startegy game. And the SD gundam G-Generation series. ^_^


>> > I think Cybuster falls under super robots, with the
>> > elemental abilities and al but I get a tad
>> > bit unsure about Eva and G-gundam...
>> >
>> > should they open a new "not-so-real robots"
>> > category? ^_^
>> Eva are RR's.

So it seems that mechs are classified as to how the mechs function instead of the overall approach of the series.
Considering that EVA seems to follw the typical fight-one-evil-monster-from-who-knows-where-per-story-arc. I thought
that you might call it super robot. Also, a lot of the technicalities in EVA were explained in abstract terms, like the AT
field, which comes form a "soul".

>> Cybuster is in a class of its own, more like
>> Escaflowne but only cooler and more powerful, the
>> "Masouki". (Although I like the Granzon and Neo
>> Granzon more...)

Hmm, does Dunbine fall here as well?

>> Guys, how about Gunbuster? I was pretty sure it was
>> also a Super Robot. (I loved that Super Inazuma Kick
>> thingy. ;) )

If I follow the groupong of Banpresto, its a Super Robot. Also, near the end of the game, the Getta-1 pilot teaches
Nuriko how to shout "Bastaa Tomahoook!" like a true super robot pilot. Making them look like "real" pilots in
"super" robots. Hmm, kinda like the SRX pilots.^_^;;

>> Hehehehe, I had no idea people here also play Super
>> Robot Wars! :) What parts have any of you played so
>> far? Oh, and is SRW Alpha Gaiden already out where you
>> are right now? I'm still waiting for it here in Manila.

I've played about three versions on the gameboy. For the super famicom, I played only two, including the super hero adventure game with
ultraman, kamen rider and rx-78. For the playstation, I played SRW Neo, Neo special, scramble, complete box, F, F Final and Alpha.
I also have the SRW shooter game (which is not fun to play at all), a fighting game (ala virtual on) and a Super Hero wars featuring sentai and
tokusatsu, all of which, are pirated. ^_^;;


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