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There's the Aura Battler in Action already out in release. I've seen the
Billbine already. I do hope they give both model kit and In Action figure
treatment for other famous mecha series soon. Xabungle and the Walker
Machine are just some. What about a good line of L-Gaim stuff? :)


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> My idea is simple though, why not a modern version of the HCM figures? I
> haven't had the desire to search for them all, but the Walker Galier HCM
> an awesome figure for it's time. With all the new gimmcks that the PG's
> MG's now have, Bandai could put all this knowledge into crafting one
> line of HCM style figures that would be durable, have an excellent paint
> as well as super poseable. I love Gundam kits and I love to build them,
> I love action figures as well.
> One last thing, what new SD kits have elbow joints, if any? I want to
> one, but would like one with elbow joints.
> Thanks and sorry for the semi rant,
> Aaron aka BlazeEagle
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