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> Well, the PG Wing Zero Custom pretty much broke that pattern. It looks
> like MG or 1/100 kits that have been given the mass produced Coating
> treatment stand a better chance at becoming a PG kit, which pretty much
> leaves you with the GP01Fb and GP02A for the time being.

I've given up on trying to make predictions on Bandai MG, PG, HG UC and MSiA
releases. Everytime one of us on this list finds a patteren, Bandai releases
something unexpected :) Then their releases get mixed up again.

I'm surprised no G-Saviour MSiA's have been released yet, as there was a
Turn A one
released almost as soon as the anime itself was released and according to
some Turn A didn't do well. So, even if G.S. didn't do well, at least a
single MSiA release form G.S. could be a possible Future MSiA release.

The PG talks here got me thinking, Bandai has made durable action figures in
the form MSiA's and the first Fix figure, as well as an awesome paint job
for the Fix figure and they have made super poseable figures in the form of
Kado Senshi chogokin figures. Why can't they make a line of durable,
excellentlly painted AND super poseable 1/144 scale figures? While all the
above lines are painted well, the Fix one has the best paint job and while I
really like them, my Kado Senshi Gundam feels a bit fragile.

My idea is simple though, why not a modern version of the HCM figures? I
haven't had the desire to search for them all, but the Walker Galier HCM is
an awesome figure for it's time. With all the new gimmcks that the PG's and
MG's now have, Bandai could put all this knowledge into crafting one killer
line of HCM style figures that would be durable, have an excellent paint job
as well as super poseable. I love Gundam kits and I love to build them, but
I love action figures as well.

One last thing, what new SD kits have elbow joints, if any? I want to build
one, but would like one with elbow joints.

Thanks and sorry for the semi rant,

Aaron aka BlazeEagle
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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