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> A PG Hygog would be too fuckin' cool. PG's are just too expensive for me,
> but I'd definately get that badboy.
> A GM is much needed, as well. Either a retcon'd OYW era RGM-79 to look a bit
> more "modern" or ... the 0080 GM Sniper II, my absolute favorite =P
> What else .... i'd say a PG RX-178 is pretty much inevitible. It's one of
> the more popular designs, being a nice fusion of the classic and modern
> stylings. It's seen HG, MG, HCM, and MSiA treatments _and_ it's a Gundam, so
> a PG is probably due eventually.
> Back to the Zeon side, though, a PG Rick Dom (with the parts to also built
> it as a Dom) would be very imposing ... mofo would be _huge_.
> What about a PG Ez8? If Bandai is still stuck on the PG == Gundam kick, they
> could make a worse choice. 'tis Ookawara's best effort in years, and it
> could come with all kinds of goodies ... a multitude of weapons, parachute
> pack, normal backpack... mmm ... yes indeed.

dont forget the jegan........................ there ya go ryuujin
ps u guys r missing my point!

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