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No need to guess, folks -- it's all right here on the Gundam Project.


"Psycommu for the Common Man

Like the Federation's newtype labs, the Axis Zeons find they have a dearth of
natural newtypes to use all these fancy new weapons. A secret program of
cloning and genetic engineering, begun even before the start of the One Year
War, has produced a cadre of powerful but immature juvenile newtypes. The Axis
Zeons also have access to the Federation's strengthened human technology, but
the resulting artificial newtypes remain unstable and unreliable. Now both Axis
and Federation researchers are trying to create a psycommu system that can be
used by ordinary humans.

This latter goal is ultimately accomplished by the Federation's Augusta Labs.
Augusta's quasi-psycommu system actively scans the pilot's brain, rather than
passively receiving commands via the powerful psycho waves of a genuine newtype.
In Augusta's prototype mobile suits, this system serves to operate a remote
weapon called an incom, a wire-guided device similar to a funnel. Augusta's
quasi-psycommu and incom technology are subsequently used in the Axis Zeons'
AMX-014 Doven Wolf, and in Anaheim Electronics's MSA-0011 Superior Gundam."

When in doubt, check it out -- the Gundam Project has lots of good background
info in the Gundam World section.


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