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> Actually, I believe there are a lot of "legal" VCDs
> in Singapore or Malaysia that were only legal in
> the sense that they were edited/censored to meet
> the local government standards, yet aren't licensed
> product at all.

I was talking about the HK VCD, and those Gundam VCD
that I am talking about does have the
official "blessing" of the original creator. Yes, I do
know about how Singapore or Malaysia seems to
produce "legal" looking VCD that aren't really legal.
Who do you think the dub track came from? It came from
the TV company who dubbed the show (or some other
company that does the dubbing), and they already have
the right to the material (usually, they have to buy
extra licenses for the songs or original Japanese
voices, so most official VCDs only had one audio track).
Unless I was mistaken, I don't think Singapore VCDs have
the Cantonese dub tracks...

-Edmund Chiu

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