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SRW Alpha Gaiden is set for relase on 3/29/01 in Japan. I'm eagerly waiting
for it.
New animations, new battle systems, best of all, Z Gundam gets a Waverider
attack, and GP-03D has a point blank beam cannon attack, like Kou did at the
end of 0083. ^^

I've played SRW 2, 3, EX, 4, F, F Final, Shin, and Alpha so far..
Gaiden, and Masoukishin: Panzer Warfare if you count those too.

"No, I'm not going to be mind controlled! Because.. because I still
haven't %@$&@'ed Shuu-sama!"
-- Saphine Grace, SRW EX.

Yasu Ikehara aka Nuku-Nuku
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> > speaking of which, where on earth does Eva,
> > G-gundam, and Cybuster fall under?
> > I think Cybuster falls under super robots, with the
> > elemental abilities and al but I get a tad
> > bit unsure about Eva and G-gundam...
> >
> > should they open a new "not-so-real robots"
> > category? ^_^
> Eva are RR's.
> Cybuster is in a class of its own, more like
> Escaflowne but only cooler and more powerful, the
> "Masouki". (Although I like the Granzon and Neo
> Granzon more...)
> G Gundam are still RR's but with a twist.
> Guys, how about Gunbuster? I was pretty sure it was
> also a Super Robot. (I loved that Super Inazuma Kick
> thingy. ;) )
> Hehehehe, I had no idea people here also play Super
> Robot Wars! :) What parts have any of you played so
> far? Oh, and is SRW Alpha Gaiden already out where you
> are right now? I'm still waiting for it here in Manila.
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