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>I just noticed after the Funnels thread that there was a mention of the
>Hamma-Hamma and a pre-enhancement Mashmar. Anyway, my question is, what's
>the difference of the Quasi-Psycommu (example on the Hamma-Hamma and the
>Alpha Azieru; saw from their stats on SD Gundam G Gen F) and the INCOM
>System? Or is the INCOM System also a Quasi-Psycommu?

The Alpha Azieru MA from CCA does not have a quasi-psycommu system, it's
built for a real NewType and is equipped with a real psycommu system.
If this came from SD Gundam G Gen F then they made a huge blunder.
Check with the Mecha Domain:


The INCOM system are basically cable-guided units like the Zeong's forearms
that are designed to be operated by non-NewType pilots, it only appeared in
Gundam Sentinel and was the technology used by the Feds. Quasi-psycommu
is basically the Zeon/NZ equivalent, although I am not sure if some NewType
juice is required from the pilot (probably not, as Mashmar hasn't been shown
to be a NewType).


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