Brian (
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 11:12:03 -0500

  As for Nu Gundam's Fin "Funnels," they are technically bits, since they are powered by an onboard generator, without which they would not have sufficient power to erect a beam barrier capable of blocking shots from Alpha Azieru's oversized funnels, which must have been at least as powerful as shots from a standard MS beam rifle. However, I personally find it hard to comprehend why Char would cry out that Amuro is "out of funnels" (considering that Amuro is Char's only enemy to have drone weapons -- unless Char was talking to Nanai about Gyunei having all his funnels destroyed in the combat against Amuro's ReGZ). Theoretically, Nu Gundam's Fin "Funnels" are capable of firing an infinite number of powerful beam shots, just like Elmeth's bits. As for funnels, my guess would be that their ECAPs carry just as many shots as an MS beam rifle, possibly around 20.

Char was talking to Gyunie, you're right. I couldn't remember his name, and my friend currently has my copy of CCA. Thanks for clearing up my question about the power sources.

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