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At 03:08 03/13/2001 -0800, Edward Ju wrote:
>False advertising? You be the judge.

        Very false. No such thing as a 1/100 HG AFAIK..

>I love the part where the seller claims:
>"the photo is from one of my assembled models"

        Ya, well, it *might* just be possible, though it looks suspiciously
like a Bandai photo-op. =) Maybe he works for Bandai?

        Anyway, out of curiosity, that doesn't look like it came from the MG
box. Where did it come from? The old 1/144 kit?

>"It comes in a box as big as the ones used for Master grade 1/72 Gundam

        Gee.. Vapourware Award of the Year.

        The best part is that he wants $50 for it, when most MG starts at
$35 or so.

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