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Just received an update from ExpressionTools, the company behind
Shade, the software package/engine Bandai licensed for their
Gundam Virtual Modeler software. If you haven't had any luck
ordering GVMP/L from CD Japan, you might want to try contacting
these guys.


>From: ExpressionTools <info@expressiontools.com>
>Subject: ExpressionTools Press Release
>ExpressionTools Releases Shade Professional R4
>Fukuoka, Japan - March 13, 2001: ExpressionTools,Inc. released
>ExpressionToolsShade Professional R4/E (ETShade Pro R4/E), an English
>language version of their high-end 3D graphics application. ETShade Pro
>R4/E is the high-end version of its Shade line of 3D modeling, rendering
>and animation products.
>With a fifteen year history behind it, Shade offers an outstanding and
>intuitive user interface, leveraging Bezier curve modeling and high
>speed/high quality rendering. In Japan, Shade has been the leading tool
>for professional graphics and 3D designers, industrial design and
>architecture. Shade is the preferred tool in the Japanese automobile
>industry. Its installed base numbers over 200,000 seats.
>"From the largest advertising agency in Japan to leading automobile
>designers, Shade has set the standard in precision modeling and high
>quality/photo realistic rendering. ExpressionTools is committed to
>bringing this graphic competitive edge to designers outside of Japan,"
>said Masahiro Kabashima, President of ExpressionTools, Inc.
>ETShade Pro R4/E includes almost all the features of the Japanese version,
>with the documentation available in PDF format. ETShade Pro R4/E is
>available immediately for sale through the ExpressionTools Online Shop at
>The next version of ETShade Professional is already under development,
>with a scheduled release in Q3, 2001 and will feature dramatic
>improvements in professional broadcast quality animation. Customers who
>buy ETShade Pro R4/E will be entitled to a free upgrade (shipping and
>handling costs additional) to the next version, which includes full
>printed documentation. For additional information about this offer, visit
>the ExpressionTools website at http://www.expressiontools.com/. A
>downloadable demo is also available from the ExpressionTools website.
>ETShade Pro R4/E requires a minimum of 30 MB RAM (64MB recommended), 60 MB
>hard disk space and a CD-ROM drive. It is available on Macintosh (MacOS
>8.6 or higher, PPC) and Windows (98/Me/NT/2000, Pentium-class or better)
>platforms and has a suggested price of $1,399, with discounts for academic
>and volume purchases.
>ExpressionTools, Inc.
>(c) 2001 ExpressionTools, Inc. Shade, ETShade, and ExpressionTools are
>trademarks of ExpressionTools, Inc. Other product names and company names
>are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

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