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I just received two books from Asahiya USA, one of which was previously reviewed
on this list (prompting me to order it).

EDGE OF GUNDAM: Hirotoshi Sano Illustrations (2001, Hobby Japan,
ISBN4-89425-241-4) 136 pages (108 in color) for ¥3,800.

Packaged in a frosted translucent plastic slipcover, the legend stamped in gold
says it all: "The arts contained herewith are based upon following titles:
Mobile Suit Gundam, The 08th MS Team, 0080: War In The Pocket, 0083: Stardust
Memory, Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Char's Counterattack, Gundam F91, V Gundam, G
Gundam, Gundam W, Gundam X, (Turn A) Gundam and other Gundam figures also
included. All the illustrations by Hirotoshi Sano." Sano began his career with
the 1982 anime series AcroBunch and distinguished himself with the 1984 OAV
Birth (dubbed in English as World Of The Talisman) before joining Tomino's staff
for Z Gundam. Thereafter, his résumé includes Machine Robo Cronus (1986), God
Bless DanCougar (1987), Venus War Chronicle (1989), Gundam 0083 (1991), Bounty
Dog (1994), Tekkaman Blade II (1994), G Gundam (1994) and Escaflowne (1996 and
2000). The book is exclusively Gundam illustrations, organized as follows.

  5 to 44: Mobile Suit Gundam
 45 to 66: 08th MS Team, Gundam 0080 & Gundam 0083
 67 to 88: Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, CCA, Gundam F91 & V Gundam
 89 to 109: G Gundam, Gundam W, Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, &c.
109 to 136: Collaboration & Interview

It's a bit pricey, but will only accrue in value over time.

Gundam Film Book Series 4: New Mobile Report Gundam W (2001.1.28, Asahiya
Shuppan, ISBN4-7511-0239-7) 184 digest-sized pages (152 in color) for ¥1,600.

This is the fourth Gundam TV series film book, the previous volumes being Z
Gundam Part 1, Z Gundam Part 2 and Gundam ZZ, so it was somewhat of a surprise
in that I expected V Gundam to be the next in line. The three previous books,
and the 10-volume Gundam The Movies series before that, were also laid out
Japanese style (right-to-left), while this book is laid out Western style
(left-to-right). Like the other books, this has a B&W pencil sketch foldout
mini-poster by Haruhiko Mikimoto, this entitled Party Night and backed by a
full-color illustrated After Colony timeline.

In addition to the 47 chapter story digest for the TV series, there's also a
four-page section on Endless Waltz with a citation for Blind Target that
includes line art of Ralph Carto and Lilith Marley. It's a worthy, if
unexpected, addition to the Film Book series that now has me wondering which
show will get the treatment next. Will they return to the UC timeline and
alternate UC and non-UC titles thereafter or finish out the UC timeline and then
pick up the rest of the non-UC titles?

If the series has any faults, it's that covering an entire TV series in a single
volume is a little too condensed. Heck, they made a two-volume set out of the
six-episode Gundam 0080 OAV series, which is probably the most coverage that
show ever received in a single venue. The two-volume Z Gundam set was just
about right. Both this volume and the Gundam ZZ book seem a bit sparse and
spotty by comparison, but apparently the "done in one" approach is a better
seller. You get a comparable bang for your buck, but half the bucks equates to
half the bang.


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